Sui Lin Goei

Sui Lin Goei
+31 20 59 89223
faculteit der gedrags- en bewegingswetenschappen ( lerarenacademie )
Assistant professor at VU University and Professor (lector) at Hogeschool Windesheim
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Sui Lin Goei PhD (1963) is a health care psychologist specialised in (the assessment of) learning and behaviour disabilities within regular and special education. She has worked years as a school psychologist in a clinical practice and a secondary school, and has combined this work with teaching at university. Currently she divides her working time between the VU University Amsterdam and Windesheim University of Applied Sciences in Zwolle. She is a well known expert in the Netherlands in the field of special educational needs. At VU University she is academic leader of a team of professionals specialised in special educational needs. The team focuses on training teachers for inclusive education, remedial teaching, leadership in school development trajectories for inclusive education, and training psychologists how to assess dyslexia and dyscalculia. At Windesheim University she is a professor and heads a professorship called Educational Needs in Inclusive Educational Settings. Her research focuses on what works best for children with differential instructional and educational needs within regular and special education. She is coordinator of two national projects on behavioural problems in everyday school life via classroom and behaviour management (Excellent Teacher Behavior and School Wide Positive Behavior Support - SWPBS – and a European project called EUROPBS.

Several schools strategically located in Europe (Finland, Hungary, Portugal and Turkey) participate in this unique project in developing classroom interventions for behavioural problems. SWPBS is a proven US-model in which all actors in a school system are included in the intervention. Recently her research interest also encompasses the professional learning strategy known as Lesson Study, where she received a research grant for at VU University to implement this in six secondary schools, focusing on designing differentiated lesson planning. She has a big interest in comparative education and her engagement is shown in amongst others her initiative and coordination of annual cross-atlantic educational field trips (Europe-USA) for school leaders. Over the last few years a growing number of school leaders is taking part in this comparative study opportunity, raising their cross cultural and comparative awareness on 21st C educational issues for children with special educational needs. From 2010-2013, she has lived in Singapore where she was a visiting professor at the department of Early Childhood and Special Educational Needs, National Institute of Education (NIE) of Nanyang Technological University of Singapore. She still is active at NIE collaborating with Singaporese researchers on applications in virtual reality and serious games for special needs children, see


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