Silvester Draaijer

Silvester Draaijer
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Silvester Draaijer is Senior Policy Advisor for the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and part-time Educational Advisor at the Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

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Policy advisor

Since 2016, Silvester Draaijer is Senior Policy Advisor in the field of Educational Innovation and ICT at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He supports various policy developing activities from policy preparation to policy implementation. He is secretary of the meeting of the Advisory Board for ICT and Education, the Network of Educational Innovation and ICT staff, the Taksforce Educational Innovation and the Taskforce Sustaining Large Scale Examination. He organizes the Annual VU Education day. Additionally he supports faculties and lectureres in developing project proposals for various grant schemes such as the Comenius grant scheme and the SURF grant scheme. He regards educational innovation as a continuous process in which people and ideas are brought together to initiate and sustain changes in organization, technology, pedagogy, and culture.


Silvester Draaijer provides training for faculty members of VU University, in particular training regarding Assessment (toetsen en beoordelen) and Silvester provides senior support and advice for faculty teacher support units. Within the Master Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, provided by the Faculty of Education and Psychology, Silvester Draaijer tought the 6 EC courses ‘Toetsen en Beoordelen’ (Assessment in Higher Education – with his colleague dr. Hester Glasbeek) and the course ‘Innovation in Higher Education’.


Silvester Draaijer built acquired since 1998 extensive practical and research expertise in the design of technology enhanced learning environments, in particular using VLE's and accompanying tools, resources and technologies.
From 2003 onwards Silvester Draaijer specialized in the field of Technology Enhance Assessment in higher education. He provided guidance and support for the VU University Amsterdam to realize a large scale adoption of e-assessment practices. Silvester Draaijer was the lead advisor for the set-up and implementation of the large scale summative examination hall of the VU University which now operates to support one quarter of the total number of exams at the VU University. Silvester Draaijer is member of a number of exam boards (HvA Pabo, HvA HBO-Rechten, VU Rechten, Commissie Examenontwikkeling en Kwaliteitsborging (CEK) van de Commissie Deskundigheidsbevordering Financiële Diensteverlening van het Ministerie van Financiën). His is member of the SURF Special Interest Group on Technologie Enhanced Assessment and currently project leader of the Erasmus+ KA2 project ‘Online Proctoring for Remote Examination’ (OP4RE).
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Silvester Draaijer graduated ‘with honor’ at Delft University of Technology in 1991 and was industrial design engineer for several years. During that time, Silvester also took up a teaching job at the University of Applied Science of The Hague, department of Industrial Design Engineering, teaching 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year students. He was tutor in this problem based learning (PBL) curriculum,  designer of problem based learning courses, he taught courses mechanics of materials, stress- and strain and dynamics and was coordinator of the 3rd year phase. From 1997 to 1999 he worked as educational technologist at The Rotterdam University of Applied Science helping teachers implementing technology and project based education in their curricula. Based on his teaching experience and innovation experience during his work at The Rotterdam University of Applied Science, he started working at the VU University Amsterdam in 2000 at the center for ICT & Education. Silvester Draaijer ran and participated in a number of projects, both at the university level, as well as the national level. The latter mostly within tendering programs for the Digitale Universiteit and SURFfoundation.


He has written several research papers and book chapters regarding the use of computers for formative and summative assessment. In june 2016 I acquired my PhD on the subject of 'Supporting Teachers in Higher Education in Designing Test Items'.


  • Nederlandse Vereniging voor Examens (NVvE)
  • Vereniging voor Onderwijsresearch (VOR)
  • Interuniversity Center for Educational Research (ICO)


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