Psychiatric Genetics

Research on the (epi)genetic and environmental factors, as well as their interaction, that influence 1) the risk for anxiety and depression and comorbid phenotypes (addiction, migraine) in adults, 2) the development of behavioural and emotional problems (e.g. attention/hyperactivity problems, aggression and anxiety) in children, and 3) from the new positive psychology perspective, the individual differences in happiness and well-being. Large-size longitudinal survey studies focus on the development of psychopathology and wellbeing and on the genetic influences on these traits across the life-span in children and adults. In adults, informative families for gene hunting studies have been selected and genome-wide linkage and association scans are carried out to characterize the genes responsible for individual differences in liability to anxiety, depression, personality disorders, nicotine and alcohol dependence, as well as happiness and well-being.