Trust, Leadership and Cooperation (TLC)

Research programme Trust, Leadership and Cooperation

Programme leaders
Prof. dr. Paul (A.M.) van Lange
Prof. dr. Mark van Vugt

This research program Trust, Leadership, and Cooperation (TLC) combines expertise from social and organizational psychology to investigate important themes in social interaction and group processes. The primary objective of the program is to understand how humans interact with each other to achieve important interpersonal, group, and organizational goals.

Research themes
The main research themes are trust, leadership, and cooperation, which are pillars of human prosociality. Using a combination of experimental and field research and a broad range of innovating methodologies from psychology and adjacent disciplines (such as behavioral economics, evolutionary psychology, neuroscience, psychometrics and meta-analysis) the programme examines the evolutionary, social and individual psychological processes shaping trust, cooperation, and leadership, and applies these insights to improve the welfare of individuals, relationships, groups, and organizations. TLC also investigates related topics such as altruism, justice, culture, self-regulation, personality and power. In light of the multidisciplinary focus of the programme, we actively engage in collaborations with researchers in other fields both inside and outside psychology and both nationally and internationally.