Why choose a programme at VU University Amsterdam?

Well-organised education

VU University is renowned for the excellent organisation of its education and its serious approach to students. This helps you to make a success of your education.

Sport and culture

VU University has a number of sports centres and offers lectures, debates, theatre, music, courses and more throughout the entire year.

Opportunities to study abroad

Would you like to study abroad for a period? All specialisations offer a variety of opportunities to do so. The departments maintain excellent contacts with foreign universities and research institutions. There is also a contact person for Internationalisation to whom you can direct any questions you may have. 

Read more about studying abroad here.

Small-scale education

In addition to large-scale lectures, our faculty also conducts a great deal of small-scale teaching. The small-scale nature facilitates contact between students and lecturers.

Time for guidance

Personal attention is important within the Faculty of Behavioural and Human Movement Sciences. The first semester of the Human Movement Sciences programme commences with the Academic Exploration course, which includes tutoring. The tutor is your first point of contact and can, if necessary, refer you to the study advisor.

From the start of your Psychology, Education or University Teacher Training, you can approach your first-year study advisor for student counselling or if you need assistance with personal issues. Furthermore, for the first semester you also have a personal mentor who is your first point of contact for study-related issues. This mentor is also your lecturer for Methodology 1.

Study associations

There is a very active study association for students of Psychology and Education: the VSPVU. The VSPVU organises excursions, lectures, parties, purchases textbooks for a low price, distributes excerpts and exam bundles and issues its own magazine. The V.I.B. is an active and sociable study association for students of Human Movement Sciences. It organises drinks receptions, a gala, Parents' Day and sporting activities. Via the V.I.B., you can also buy textbooks for a discount price.