Vereniging In Beweging (V.I.B.)

Vereniging In Beweging is the study association of the Human Movement Sciences programme. All V.I.B. members study Human Movement Sciences. The difference between a study association and a student association is that everything is possible but nothing is compulsory. So there are no obligations, merely a whole host of opportunities!

What does V.I.B. do?

The V.I.B. does everything it can to support its members in their studies, education, social life and much more. To ensure our future human movement scientists have an unforgettable time at VU University Amsterdam, the V.I.B. runs a number of committees that organise enjoyable activities for a low price. These activities give students a better idea of the opportunities and perspectives within the field of Human Movement Sciences. They also help the students to relax and escape the stress of their studies.

More information

The V.I.B. board members are available from Monday to Friday in the board room (Faculty of Medicine, Room C489).