Student associations

Within the Faculty of Behavioural and Human Movement Sciences (FGB), students can join a variety of student associations in accordance with their interests. V.I.B. (Human Movement Sciences) and VSPVU (Psychology and Education) are the study associations affiliated with the FGB. In the study associations, the emphasis is more on socialising and relaxation. In addition, the study associations occasionally organise study-related activities for students of your own faculty. If you are an active member of an association, you can participate in the committees. You can help to organise excursions or join the editorial team of the association's magazine. 

Besides V.I.B, and VSPVU, there are two other organisations within the FGB that represent the interests of the students: the Faculty Student Council (FSR) and the Faculty Student Consultation (F.S.O.G.B.). For more information, click on one of the student organisations in the left-hand menu.