Student Council (FSR)


Top left to right: Bob Timmer (Chairman, Coördinator PS) & Lars in ‘t Veld ( Coördinator HMS)
Middle left to right: Pim Stokkel (Treasurer), Imke Driessen (General member) & Gijs Gosselink (Vice-chairman)
Bottem left to right: Nadine Logt (Secretary) & Antonia Demann (PR, Coördinator Psy)

What is the Student Council?

The Student Council includes 6 students from different studies who represent the students of the faculty of Behavioral- and Movement Sciences. Students can let their voice be heard through the student council; the student council will make sure that the decisions being made by the faculty board are in the students’ best interest. Input from students is thus very important!

You may always contact the student council if you have ideas, suggestions or complaints about:

  • Facilities: computers, printers, the cantina and lecture halls
  • Education: questions about courses, unequal treatment and complaints about teachers
  • Other issues concerning the faculty

How can you reach the student council?