Graduate School

Our faculty offers graduate education on research to obtain a research masters or a doctorate degree (Ph.D.) for the disciplines Psychology, Movement Sciences, and Educational Sciences.

Obtaining a Research Masters degree?
For those interested in our research masters programs, information about curriculum and enrollment can be found here:

  • All faculty Research Masters

Obtaining a doctorate degree (Ph.D.)?
A doctorate degree (Ph.D.) within Psychology, Movement Sciences, or Educational Sciences can be obtained by working as a researcher under the supervision of professors, writing a dissertation, and conducting advanced research training according to a training and supervision plan of at least 30 EC. The usual period is three to four years fulltime for research, writing, and training.

Vacancies for Ph.D. – student positions in the field of health and behavior at VU University and VU Medical Center can be found here: 

Master graduates with their own research proposals or funding (e.g., a stipend) seeking supervision and opportunities for conducting their research and obtaining a degree at VU University in the fields of Psychology, Movement Sciences, or Educational Sciences are advised to visit the webpages of the different departments of our faculty, to see whether the research might fit and to make contact with the professors about possibilities.

Information for current research graduate students and PhD students
Information for students within the research masters programs can be found at:

  • VUnet (search for research master)

Information for Ph.D. students can also be found on VUnet on:

  • writing and submitting your Training and Supervision plan
  • requesting exemptions on the Training and Supervision Plan requirements
  • which training opportunities and courses are available at FGB, VU University, and through the research schools
  • rules and regulations for admission as a Ph.D. candidate and admission to the defense of your thesis