Marriage and well-being

Department: Educational & Family Studies
Section: Clinical Child & Family Studies
Research area/-theme: huwelijk, gezin, relaties, welbevinden, preventie
Duration: 2008 - 2012
Researchers: Catrin Finkenauer, Francesca Righetti, Peter Kerkhof, Asuman Buyukcan Tetik, Linda Muusses 
In collaboration with: Faculty of Social Sciences, VU Amsterdam
Grant: NWO

Research has shown that marriage is a milestone in the life of people. It has a great emotional significance with highlights such as the arrival of one or more children, but sometimes with lows such as prolonged conflict or the disintegration of the relationship. This is not without consequences: having a good or a bad relationship has as much influence on the psychological and physical well-being as smoking.

The main question in this research is how marriages evolve, how marriage partners solve problems and conflicts, and what factors contribute to a successful marriage. Answers to these questions would provide an opportunity to develop effective prevention and / or intervention programs to promote the well-being within a marriage and eventually the family.