Biological and Cultural Perspectives of Trust and Cooperation

Department: Experimental & Applied Psychology
Section: Social & Organizational Psychology
Research area/-theme: trust, cooperation, relationships, cultural and genetic influences
Researchers: Daniel Balliet, Paul van Lange

What food and water are to individual vitality is trust and cooperation to the vitality of relationships. We examine the biological and cultural aspects of trust. For example, in one project, we examine the genetic and cultural markers of trust and cooperation using a longitudinal study involving more than 500 extended twin family members. We also examine how one can built or repair trust, and the roles that gossip might play in the spreading of trust and distrust. And we examine how the size of the group matters for the development of trust and cooperation. Thus, by bridging biological and social approaches, we seek to understand the origins of trust and cooperation, and how they can be communicated to one another, and how trust and cooperation can be promoted and sustained in relationships.

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