FGB will recognize and reward researchers, PhD-students, and research teams who have used Open Science to make their scientific research more accessible, transparent or reproducible. The call is open to all FGB-located individual researchers, PhD students and research teams.

10/29/2020 | 2:47 PM

Application is by means of a case study describing their experience with Open Science for a particular project. We encourage the submission of case studies that explore the challenges and difficulties as well as those that celebrate positive experiences and successful outcomes. We are looking for inspiring accounts of researchers’ motivations for making (or not making) open choices, which offer reasoned assessments of the pros and cons of being open, and are honest about where things didn’t work or could have been done differently.

The Open Science Award committee (young researchers and the VU University Library) will rank the submissions. The top five use cases will each receive a prize of €200,-. The winners are expected to give a short presentation at the New Year Event, January 2021. All inspiring case studies will be made assessible online.

Applicants should describe activities that align to one or more of the following open objectives:

  • making the outputs of research, including non-SCI-publications, data, software and other research materials freely accessible;
  • using online tools and services to increase the transparency of research processes and methodologies;
  • making scientific research more reproducible by increasing the amount and quality of information placed on the public record;
  • using alternative models of publication and peer review to make the dissemination and certification of research faster and more transparent
  • using open collaborative methods and tools to increase efficiency and widen participation in research.
  • NB: we purposely do not ask for open access SCI-publications because the decision to publish open access is largely dependent on the available budget.

We copied the format from the National Open Science Festival with some small modifications. Applicants can also look at the Reading University Open Research Award Use Cases resulting from similar calls for case studies.

The Application is one specific case study that illustrates the different aspects of open science as listed above. The aim is to inspire and inform colleagues in the Faculty and beyond. Applications will be published on an FGB-website. Please fill out the application form that can be downloaded here (link), such that we can easily present the casus at a webpage.

Deadline of submission: 20 November 2020
Submission form:download application form
Submission: E-mail the word-file to: