VU researcher Freek van Ede receives The ESCoP Early Career Publication Award for Post-docs 2020

Van Ede receives the prize together with colleagues from the University of Oxford.

10/06/2020 | 12:39 PM

201002 Freek van Ede TEXTIn the award-winning publication, Freek van Ede (photo) and colleagues Sammi Chekroud and Anna Nobre (Oxford) demonstrate how selecting an internal visual representation in short-term memory is accompanied by an increase in small eye movements (called micro-saccades) towards the initial location of the selected representation.

Eye movement control
This shows that the system (in the human brain) responsible for directing our eye movements is also involved in directing our internal attention. Even when there is nothing to look at in the outside world and even when location memory is  never asked for.

Internal attention
This also provides new possibilities to investigate internal attention, by using this eye position (gaze bias) effect as a "tool" to follow internal attention with high precision in time and space. A recent demonstration of this can be found, for example, in this follow-up publication by the same group of researchers.

Early Career Publication Awards
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