Numerus Fixus Bachelor Psychology

As of the 2020-2021 academic year, there will be a limited number of places available in the Psychology Bachelor’s programme.

08/28/2019 | 1:17 PM

This numerus fixus must guarantee that the VU can maintain the high quality of the programme. Although it is not preferred by the Faculty Board, they saw no other choice than to introduce this measure. “Now that the number of students has increased exponentially for 2019-2020 after the establishment of a numerus fixus at the University of Amsterdam in 2018-2019 and Utrecht and Leiden (2019-2020), we have no other choice. All the more so because Rotterdam and Tilburg have also chosen this line for the following academic year," said Maurits van Tulder, dean of the Faculty of Behavioral and Movement Sciences.

All Psychology Bachelor’s programmes in the Netherlands have agreed upon a number of 600 available places. In that way, there should be enough places for every prospective student who wants to study Psychology. The VU sets a numerus fixus of 600 based on this agreement; this number contains both the English and Dutch track. The selection criteria and procedure regarding the numerus fixus can be found on the website in the course of September.