Senior University Lecturer Leonore de Wit receives €100,000 Comenius Grant

Over the next two years, Associate Professor Leonore de Wit will be able to use the funds from this Comenius senior fellowship on educational reform within the theme of ‘student well-being’. Her application and 23 others were selected by the Minister of Education, Culture and Science.

05/07/2019 | 1:13 PM

Training programme
De Wit will be implementing a training programme from Exeter University (UK) in the psychology curriculum at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. In this programme, students will gain knowledge and skills in the area of low-intensity psychological treatments. These treatments are easily accessible because they are often offered online (eHealth), and are used more and more frequently.

Specialised training
Specially trained coaches will provide support and assist with the treatments. De Wit: ‘Within the Netherlands, no universities currently offer specific training for these coaches. This kind of training is ideal for psychology students and boosts their career prospects. At Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, students who have been trained in the programme will work as coaches within the ‘Caring Universities Project’.

Improving student well-being This project, led by the Clinical Psychology section, focuses on improving the well-being of students by offering low-intensity eHealth interventions. These students can in turn help other students at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam to improve their well-being – a win-win situation.