The opening of the academic year




We are in charge

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Reception / drinks

The opening of the academic year
2 September 2019, 16.00 – 17.15 Aula Main Building. Welcome from 15.15 in the Foyer.

Please join us on 2 September as we celebrate the start of the new academic year!

We will be exploring the theme of democratic leadership, with keynote  Paul Rösenmöller, two young leaders and writer Arnon Grunberg. Are we really in charge? What can democratic leadership do to strengthen our democracy's resilience and streamline its decision-making? And what form should that leadership take? We will be hearing from some leaders who have already demonstrated their ability to strike the right balance between creating support and taking the initiative, between listening, responsiveness and concrete action. Action that invites and challenges everyone to contribute to a better future - a shared future. Your future!

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