Current research projects

  • Aging and brain plasticity: alterations in brain structure, function and connectivity and their implications for motor coordination (Rueda-Delgado, Daffertshofer)
  • C-Mill gait adaptability training: evaluating efficacy at various time scales (Timmermans,Roerdink, Meskers [VUmc], Janssen, Beek)
  • Critical activity in synchronous neural activity (Ton, Daffertshofer)
  • FirSTeps – the emergence of walking in children (Dominici, Daffertshofer)
  • Frequency-doubling bifurcations in neuronal networks – a means of cross-frequency interactions (Pietras, Daffertshofer)
  • Impacts of cortical (a)symmetry on age-related changes in movement coordination (Babaeeghazvini, Daffertshofer)
  • The Interactive Walkway: validation and clinical implementation for the assessment of gait and balance in patients with Parkinson’s disease (Geerse, Roerdink, Marinus [LUMC], van Hilten [LUMC])
  • Network-network interaction in neuronal systems – how topological characteristics transfer between complex networks(Deschle, Daffertshofer)
  • Postural control – delayed feedback and stochastic resonance (van den Heuvel, Daffertshofer)
  • Psycho-physical mechanisms of immobilisation (de Melker Worms, Loram [MMU], Beek, Stins)
  • Standing well (Lübeck, Stins, Bos)
  • Steps to follow and obstacles to avoid in speeding up functional gait rehabilitation (van Ooijen – Kerste, Roerdink, Janssen, Beek)
  • Taking approach-avoidance research a step further (Bouman, Stins, Beek)
  • Watch out! Gait adaptability in older adults with low and high executive function (Mazaheri, Peper, Roerdink, Duysens [KU Leuven], Beek)