Educational and Family Studies

Educational and Family studies is a department dedicated to increasing the scientific understanding of the interplay of social, psychological, and biological processes related to learning, education, development, and family functioning. We apply this understanding to design and evaluate interventions that strengthen children, adolescents, families, and communities. The research of Educational and Family Studies seeks to increase our understanding of learning, education, and family functioning, and to stimulate evidence-based intervention and prevention. The program encompasses the wide spectrum of developmental wellbeing of families and children and quality of education on the one hand, and the identification of problematic development and risk factors for families and education on the other. To examine questions surrounding these issues, we adopt a multi-method (experiments, longitudinal surveys, observations, interviews, biological markers) and multi-disciplinary (educational science, psychology, neuroscience and other social sciences) approach.

Section Clinical Child and Family Studies

The research in the section Clinical Child and Family Studies focuses on the role of parents and other caregivers in children's development, both when development goes well (e.g., transition to parenthood, school-parent communication) as well as when development is challenged (e.g., child abuse, chronic illness, mentally or physically challenged parents or children).
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Section Educational Neuroscience

The research in the Educational Neuroscience section focuses on social, cultural, individual and contextual factors that promote or hinder learning in children, adolescents, and young adults. Central to this question is the examination of the role of the brain, cognitive strategies, executive functioning, and social information processing.
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Section Educational Studies

Section Research and Theory in Education

The empirical and theoretical research of this section seeks to examine central themes in education and development, including what characterises meaningful education, the contribution of parents and teacher to the (future) flourishing of children and education in a cultural and religious diverse society.
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