Anders Schinkel

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+31 20 59 83843
faculteit der gedrags- en bewegingswetenschappen ( onderw.wetensch )
Assistant professor philosophy of education / UD Theoretische pedagogiek

Professional interests

  • Aims of education
  • Meaning in/of life
  • Moral education
  • Ethical theory
  • Alfred North Whitehead (process philosophy)


Selected publications

Aviram, A., Schinkel, A., and De Ruyter, D.J. (2014)."The question about the meaning of life. What does it mean? Why do we avoid it (in education and philosophy of education)? Why should we rehabilitate it? How?". In M. Papastephanou, T. Strand, and A. Pirrie (eds.), Philosophy as a lived experience: Navigating through dichotomies of thought and action (Studies on Education, Vol. 3) (pp. 105-122). Wien: LIT Verlag

De Ruyter, D.J. and Schinkel, A. (2013). “On the relations between parental ideals and children’s autonomy”. Educational Theory 63(4): 369-388

Schinkel, A. (2013). “On the justification of compulsory schooling”. In M. Papastephanou (ed.), Philosophical perspectives on compulsory education (pp. 77-93). Dordrecht: Springer

Schinkel, A. (2013). “Justice and the elderly”, in: M. Schermer and W. Pinxten (eds.), Ethics, healthpolicy, and (anti-) aging: mixed blessings (Ethics and health policy) (pp. 247-269). Dordrecht: Springer

Schinkel, A. (2012). “Filial Obligations: A Contextual, Pluralist Model”. Journal of Ethics 16(4): 395-420

Schinkel, A. (2011). “Huck Finn, Moral Language and Moral Education”. Journal of Philosophy ofEducation 45(3): 511-525

Schinkel, A. (2011). “Conscience and moral education”. In D.J. de Ruyter and S. Miedema (eds.), Moral Education and Development: A Lifetime Commitment (pp. 133-146). Rotterdam: Sense Publishers

Schinkel, A. (2010). “Compulsory Autonomy-Promoting Education”. Educational Theory 60(1): 97-116

Schinkel, A., De Ruyter, D.J., and Steutel, J.W. (2010). “Threats to Autonomy in Consumer Societies and their Implications for Education”. Theory and Research in Education 8(3): 1-19

Schinkel, A. (2010). “Niet mijn fout? Klimaatverandering en de morele verantwoordelijkheid van individuen". Filosofie & Praktijk 31(4): 22-37

Schinkel, A. (2009). “Justifying Compulsory Environmental Education in Liberal Democracies”. Journal ofPhilosophy of Education 43(4): 507-526

Schinkel, A. (2009). “The Problem of Moral Luck: An Argument against its Epistemic Reduction”, in EthicalTheory and Moral Practice 12(3): 267-277

Schinkel, A. (2008). “Martha Nussbaum on animal rights”. Ethics & the Environment 13(1): 41-69


Ancillary activities

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