Doret de Ruyter

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Professional interests

Ideals in education
Human flourishing
Ethics and education
Parental responsibility
Children's rights

Professional ideals

Highlighted publications


Wolbert, L., de Ruyter, D.J. & Schinkel, A. (2015). Formal criteria for the concept of human flourishing: the first step in defending flourishing as an ideal aim of education. Ethics and Education 10(1): 118-129. 

de Ruyter, D.J. (2014). Wellbeing and education. J. Suissa, C. Winstanley & R. Marples (Eds.) Education, Philosophy and Well-being: New perspectives on the work of John White (Routledge Research in Education) (84-98). London: Routledge.

de Ruyter, D.J. & Steutel, J.W.(2013). The promotion of moral ideals in schools; what the state may or may not demand. Journal of Moral Education 42 (2):177-192.

de Ruyter D.J. & Schinkel, A. (2013). On the Relations Between Parents' Ideals and Children's Autonomy. Educational Theory 63 (4):369-388.

van der Kooij, J.C., de Ruyter, D. J. & Miedema, S.(2013). "Worldview": The Meaning of the Concept and the Impact on Religious Education. Religious Education, 108 (2), 210-228.

Pels, T.V.M. &Ruyter, D.J. de (2012). The Influence of Education and Socialization on Radicalization: An Exploration of Theoretical Presumptions and Empirical Research. Child & Youth Care Forum, 41(3), 311-325.

de Ruyter, D.J. (2012).  On optimal development and becoming an optimiser. Journal of Philosophy of Education, 46 (1), 25-41.





Positions journals and learned societies

Assistant editor of the Journal of Philosophy of Education

Associate editor of Theory and Research in Education

Member of the Editorial board of the Journal of Moral Education      

Member of the Development committee of the PESGB

Member of the board of the Association for Moral Education & chair of the Good Works Award committee of the Association for Moral Education


Ancillary activities

stichting Pro Juventute Amsterdam - Board member Amsterdam, 14 februari 2014
Last changes Ancillary activities: Amsterdam 27 januari 2017