S.R. de Rooij

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faculteit der gedrags- en bewegingswetenschappen ( sectie ontwikkelingspsychologie )

Professional interests

I am a biological psychologist and epidemiologist with specific expertise in early life stress and stress physiology. I my work, I have combined methods of epidemiology, psychology, (epi)genetics, psychophysiology and cognitive neuroscience and I have extensive experience with setting up large epidemiological studies as well as with smaller, more mechanistic studies. Currently, I am managing the Amsterdam Stress Lab, which is a centre of expertise on stress in early life (pregnancy, children and adolescents).

Highlighted publications

  • de Rooij SR, Caan MWA, Swaab DF, Nederveen AJ, Majoie CB, Schwab M, Painter RC, Roseboom TJ. Prenatal famine exposure has sex-specific effects on brain size. BRAIN.In press, 2016. IF 9.2.
  • de Rooij, SR. Blunted cardiovascular and cortisol reactivity to acute psychological stress: A summary of results from the Dutch Famine Birth Cohort Study. International Journal of Psychophysiology. 90: 21-27, 2013. IF 2.0.
  • Phillips, AC, Roseboom, TJ, Carroll, D, de Rooij, SR. Cardiovascular and cortisol reactions to acute psychological stress and adiposity: Cross-sectional analyses and prospective associations in the Dutch Famine Birth cohort Study. Psychosomatic Medicine, 74: 699-710, 2012. IF 4.1
  • Painter, RC, Roseboom, TJ, de Rooij, SR. Long term effects of prenatal stress and glucocorticoid exposure. BDRC: EMBRYO TODAY, 96: 315-324, 2012. IF 4.4 
  • de Rooij, SR, Wouters, J, Painter, RC, Yonker, J, Roseboom, TJ. Prenatal undernutrition and cognitive function in late adulthood. PNAS, 107: 16881-16886, 2010. IF 9.8

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  • Supervision Master thesis Clinical Developmental Psychology
  • Supervision Master thesis Research Master Clinical and Developmental Psychopathology 
  • Seminar Longitudinal Studies, Research Master Clinical and Developmental Psychopathology
  • Psychophysiology, Psychopathology, Research Master Clinical and Developmental Psychopathology
  • Prenatale en puberteitsontwikkeling, Ontwikkelingspsychologie, BA Pedagogiek


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