Tjeert Olthof

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faculteit der gedrags- en bewegingswetenschappen ( sectie ontwikkelingspsychologie )
Assistant professor

Professional interests

Development of self-conscious emotions; self-conscious emotions and anti-social behavior; peer relations and involvement in bullying; development of the assignment of moral status.

Highlighted publications

Olthof, T. & Goossens, F.A. (2008)
Bullying and the need to belong: Early adolescents' bullying-related behavior and the acceptance they desire and receive from particular classmates.. Social Development, 17, 24-46. 

Olthof, T., Rieffe, C., Meerum Terwogt, M., Lalay-Cederburg, C., Reijntjes, A., & Hagenaar, J. (2008)
The assignment of moral status: Age-related differences in the use of three mental capacity criteria.. British Journal of Developmental Psychology, 26, 233-247. 

Olthof, T., Ferguson, T.J., Bloemers, E., & Deij, M. (2004)
Morality- and identity-related antecedents of children's guilt and shame attributions in events involving physical illness. Cognition and Emotion, 18, 383-404.




Lectures or individual student projects on topics in emotional, moral, and social development. Course on development of conscience.


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