Dr. K. Levels (Koen)

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faculteit der gedrags- en bewegingswetenschappen ( sectie physiology )


My research interest in general is exercise physiology with a special emphasis on elite sports performance and thermophysiology.

The research within the field of elite sports performance focuses on the optimal integration of both strength and endurance training into a training regime in rowing. Because the effects of these two types of training on muscular properties are conflicting this phenomenon is called concurrent training. To optimize elite rowing performance, optimal fine-tuning is therefore an absolute necessity. Nutritional and training strategies can help to work around the interference effect and simultaneously improve strength and endurance capacity.

Regarding thermophysiology, my main topic of interest involves exercise performance in the heat. Especially the relevance of thermal signals before and during exercise in selecting and modifying the work rate has my  interest. Also, because it is known that a hot environment is detrimental for performance and ways to cope with this heat can greatly improve performance, cooling strategies are worth examining. Examples of cooling strategies are acclimatization, (pre)cooling, adopting a pacing strategy and drinking cold fluids during sports.


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