Anja Huizink

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+31 20 59 88732
faculteit der gedrags- en bewegingswetenschappen ( sectie ontwikkelingspsychologie )
Universitair Hoofddocent VU Amsterdam, Bijzonder Hoogleraar Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen

Research lines

(1) Genotype, endophenotype and phenotype of risktaking behavior (substance use) in adolescence;

(2) Prenatal exposure to maternal stress or substances and infant behavioral development.



Current projects

Title projectFunding agencyAmount fundedPeriodPersonnel
Less stress for pregnant women through mindfulness and/or HRV biofeedbackSTW – Technology Foundation€ 600.000,-2011-20152 PhD students, 1 postdoc (0.2)
Measuring cannabis use, abuse & dependenceZonMW1 – Addiction program€ 352.000,-2010-20142 PhD students
Endophenotypes of adolescent substance useZonMW – Addiction program€ 600.000,-2008-20122 PhD students
Delineating risk factors for the initiation and maintenance of cannabis use, in comparison with tobacco use, in adolescenceNWO – VIDI scheme  excellent researchers€ 600.000,-2007-20111 PhD student, 1 Postdoc, 1 research-assistant
AspasiaNWO€ 100.000,-2008-20111 Postdoc

Completed projects

Title projectFunding agencyAmount fundedPeriodPersonnel
The relation between attention problems and cognitive achievement:  a study among twinsSophia Hospital Foundation€ 140.000,-2008-20101 Postdoc
Stress reactivity, psychopathology and age at first alcohol useEuropean Research Advisory Board
€ 97.000,-
2007-20081 Postdoc
A twin-singleton comparison of developmental trajectories of externalising/internalising behaviourSophia Hospital Foundation€ 237.000,-2006-20101 PhD student
Prenatal cannabis exposure in relation to infant behavior and neuromotor developmentSophia Hospital Foundation€ 223.000,-2005-20091 PhD student
Temperamental and behavioural risk factors for cannabis use in adolescentsZonMW –Addiction program€ 176.000,-2004-20091 PhD student



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