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Prof. Dr. Erik Scherder appointed Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau


Prof. Dr. Erik Scherder of the Department of Clinical, Neuro- and Developmental Psychology has today been appointed Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau in the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam. The award was presented by Mayor Eberhard van der Laan.

Study identifies hundreds of genes that influence timing of puberty and alter risk of several cancers


The largest genomic analysis of puberty timing in men and women conducted to date has identified 389 genetic signals associated with puberty timing, four times the number that were previously known. The study, conducted by researchers from the Netherlands Twin Register in collaboration with researchers from Medical Research Council (MRC) Epidemiology Unit at the University of Cambridge and others in the international ReproGen consortium, was published this week in Nature Genetics.

Second annual iBBA meeting on June 16 highlighting current topics in cognitive neuroscience


The Institute for Brain and Behavior Amsterdam (iBBA) of the Vrije Universiteit is organizing its second annual meeting. Presentations will address a variety of topics from ranging from motor control, retinotopic organization of the brain, to how to improve yourself. The conference features two external invited speakers, as well as invited contributions by local researchers.

Workshops on how to write your Master’s Thesis


Want to write an award winning Master’s Thesis? Yussef al Tamimi (final mark 10) and Annie Wong (VU Master’s Thesis award 2015) share their insights on 4 and 5 April.

Is there hope for the new generation?


Come to the Rijksmuseum on 5 April and discover how South Africa and the Netherlands can give your future hope!

12 DNA areas ‘linked with the age at which we have our first child and family size’


How babies' genes influence birth weight and later life disease


VU-researcher Nadia Dominici receives ERC Starting Grant of 1,4 million euros


Study about the neural origin of the first steps in children

VU-Classification Research and Development Centre receives € 90,000 from International Blind Sports Federation


Psychopaths feel fear but see no danger


Wellbeing Study of Pakistani Journalists started today


With contribution of VU-professor emeritus Hans Koot (Clinical Neuro and Developmental Psychology)

FGB-wetenschappers krijgen STW Take-off financiering van 120 duizend euro


Financieringsvoorstellen van FGB-wetenschappers Jeroen Smeets (Bewegingswetenschappen), Melvyn Roerdink (Bewegingswetenschappen) en Tara Donker (Klinische Psychologie)zijn gehonoreerd voor de Take-off financiering van Technologiestichting STW. Smeets, Roerdink en Donker hebben drie van de in totaal veertien uitgereikte STW-subsidies binnen gehaald. De onderzoekers krijgen per voorstel een maximale subsidie van 40 duizend euro. De toekenning geeft ruimte voor het uitvoeren van een haalbaarheidsstudie om wetenschappelijke kennis commercieel toe te passen.

Professor Pim Cuijpers assigned as Honorary President of the Canadian Psychological Association


VU-professor Pim Cuijpers, head of the department of Clinical, Neuro- and Developmental Psychology at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, has accepted the invitation to serve as the Honorary President of the Canadian Psychological Association from June 2016 to June 2017.

VU-researcher Christel Middeldorp receives EU Marie-Curie European Training Network Grant of 3,1 million euros


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