New Master's programme: Genes in Behaviour and Health

In September 2018, the VU starts a new Research Master Genes in Behaviour and Health.

10/18/2017 | 3:31 PM

The master is organised by the department of Biological Psychology and is closely connected to the Netherlands Twin Register, making this a unique master programme world wide.

The programme focuses on the way we are influenced by our genetic make-up and our environment. Students are taught how to conduct gene finding studies and twin-family analyses, and learn about the way the knowledge of genes may help prevention and treatment of diseases, either directly or via an influence on health behaviour. They learn to answer questions such as: “Should we take genetic factors into account in the treatment of disorders such as depression or ADHD? ”, “Who are most at risk for alcohol addiction?”, “How does psychosocial stress influence gene expression?” and “What is the role of genes in healthy aging?”.

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