Anders Schinkel to receive €800,000 from the John Templeton Foundation for research on wonder in education

Assistant professor Anders Schinkel (Theoretical Pedagogy) will receive a grant of more than €800,000 from the John Templeton Foundation for research on the importance of wonder in education.

08/30/2017 | 2:58 PM

There is currently a great deal of attention focused on the question of what education is really about: preparing children for the labour market, raising children to be ‘good’ citizens, or something more or something else such as contributing to a meaningful and happy life. The question of the importance of wonder in education ties in with this.

Wonder as a part of good education
If education is inspired by and stimulates wonder, does this then have an effect on children’s flourishing? Is wonder valuable in itself? Do children learn better from it? Does it contribute to their moral development?
To answer these questions, a team of researchers will conduct theoretical and above all empirical research over the course of nearly three years. They will study children in years seven and eight of primary school in an attempt to find out more about their sense of wonder: do they feel wonder often, what about and in what way? The team will simultaneously investigate whether wonder might play a role to varying degrees and in different ways in different types of education (religious or non-religious, or with different pedagogical visions).

Anders Schinkel: “Ultimately we hope to not only contribute to theory formation, but also to work together with schools and teachers on (even) better and more inspiring education.”