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Meeting the needs of caregivers of severely mentally ill older adults. A nursing intervention study


Time: 15.45 hours Location: Aula

Instrumented functional performance tests


Time: 13.45 hours Location: Auditorium

Environmental risk factors in the ultra high risk stage of psychosis


Time: 13.45 hours Location: Aula

Colloquium: Control of trunk posture in healthy subjects and patients with low-back pain

In this colloquium Jaap van Dieën will give an overview of the results of a recently completed STW-funded project on stabilization of trunk posture. The aim of this project was to develop methods to assess trunk control in patients with low-back pain.

Time: 16.00-17.00 hours Location: Medische Faculteit G613

Symposium – diversity and change in South Africa and the Netherlands

Op 5 april 2017 organiseert het Rijksmuseum in samenwerking met de VU een symposium over het transformatieproces in Zuid-Afrika én Nederland met vooraanstaande sprekers.

Time: 18:00 - 22:00 hours Location: Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Colloquium. The skin: mapping the interface between physiology and the environment in a sports context.

In this colloquium, prof. George Havenith will give an overview of his research work on this topic performed at the Environmental Ergonomics Research Centre in Loughborough.

Time: 16.00-17.00 hours Location: Vrije Universiteit, Medische Faculteit, G613
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