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A study on the content of children’s expressions related to school contexts


Time: 11.45 hours Location: Aula

Colloquium: Harnessing movement variability to treat and prevent motor related disorders

In this seminar Nick Stergiou shall shall explain why the field of Research in Human Movement Variability is now in pressing need of an innovative “next step.”

Time: 16.00-17.00 hours Location: Vrije Universiteit, Medische Faculteit, MF G613

Different states within visual working memory and how they interact with attention


Time: 13.45 hours Location: Aula

Botox voor de ziel: Het belang van belichaamde emotieregulatie voor welzijn en gezondheid.


Time: 15.45 hours Location: Aula

iBBA (Institute for Brain and Behavior Amsterdam), 2nd annual meeting

The Institute for Brain and Behavior Amsterdam (iBBA) of the Vrije Universiteit is organizing its second annual meeting on June 16, 2017 highlighting current topics in cognitive neuroscience. Presentations will address a variety of topics from ranging from motor control, retinotopic organization of the brain, to how to improve yourself. The conference features two external invited speakers, as well as invited contributions by local researchers.

Location: Auditorium Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
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